Who we are

ACTING METHOD INTERNATIONAL® (est. 1992) is a training corporation that specializes in public speaking, negotiation, sales and management. It delivers its programs in both English and French. Founder Carmela Valente designed a method based on the techniques used by big-league actors to help business executives get their message across convincingly at meetings and public presentations. We provide our customers with high-end, customized training programs to endow them with flawless interpersonal and communication skills that translate into strategic advantage.

A method is born…

It all began in 1992 when actress Carmela Valente was asked by a large consulting firm to prep an internationally known CEO for the delivery of press conferences and interviews for an upcoming high-visibility promotional tour. Carmela took on this challenge with verve, creating a groundbreaking concept: Acting secrets for Managers.

While pursuing her acting career, she developed a line of public speaking training programs. They were met with immediate success with the corporations she worked with. Carmela then came up with additional training topics inspired by her experiences as an artist; she developed these with experts in the fields of strategy, negotiation, sales and management.
"Throughout my career, I've noticed that some actors have a kind of magnetic attraction on their audience while others remain relatively ineffectual. I was lucky enough to rub shoulders with stars such as Robert de Niro, Isabella Rossellini and Monica Belluci and I was intrigued by their aura and natural charisma. When I started coaching managers I noticed the same situation in the business world. Some executives are charismatic leaders, while others are more self-effacing. I started researching the subject and realized that it's possible to actually develop such qualities. Enter Acting Method International: acting techniques that can be used to leave a dazzling lasting impression in life's most crucial moments." (...) excerpt from an interview in a French corporate magazine named Grand Angle (April 2012)


Carmela Valente began her acting career in Montreal, Canada, at a young age, playing the role of Queen Marie in Ionesco's Exit the King. After arriving in Paris, France, she was cast in a play by Victor Haïm (The Bathtub) alongside France's monumental JEAN MARAIS; this veteran actor noticed her and encouraged her in her career. Next stop: CINECITTA, the "Italian Hollywood," to play in a TVshow based on best-selling novel "La Chambre des Dames" (Ladies' Chamber). Here, she worked alongside some of the greatest movie stars (Robert de Niro, Ava Gardner, Anthony Quinn, Gérard Depardieu, Nastasja Kinski and Sergio Leone, to name a few). Following this, master Italian film director Dino Risi cast Carmela as Cleopatra in his famous Terra TV ad. Carmela has given over 1,000 public performances, played in over 100 movies and TV films in both French and English. She recently wrote and directed a musical.
She has channeled her artistic talents – charisma, stage presence and the gift of persuasion – into benefiting "actors" in the corporate world.