Over 10,000 enthusiastic customers (managers, salespersons, doctors, lawyers, accountants, politicians, notaries, human resources managers) from multiple fields: industry, fashion, luxury, research, aeronautics, media, politics, aerospace, healthcare, transportation, IT, finance, catering and fine-dining, among others.

"The public speaking training I did with Acting Method International had spectacular results! Before, I would be completely stressed out and reluctant to speak in public; I used to feel I was going to forget everything and crumble. But now, I'm actually happy to do it! When someone tells me I'm going to have to give a speech, I'm like "awesome!"" Alain Chamoux, Manager of PERCALL, software reseller

"Question: Who can take two days of intensive practice, sprinkle it with a pinch of theory on acting techniques and enhance your self-confidence for public appearances (meetings, speeches, etc.)? Answer: Carmela can!" Alexander Gibb, CEO of SNCZ S.A.S.

"I highly recommend Carmela Valente's coaching to everyone! It's a tremendous help to our companies, where first impressions are of utmost importance." Etienne Renault, Sales director at VANIA (Georgia-Pacific group)

"I loved your public speaking training! I found strength and skills I didn't even know I had!" Francis Glairacq, Financial Director at PIERRE FABRE Laboratories

"I made a huge career move following Carmela Valente's coaching: I went from being Plant Manager to International Operations Manager at Essilor." Philippe Cuny, ESSILOR

"They all came with preconceived ideas but walked away with mine." Vincent Bulot, ARC INTERNATIONAL

"This training using acting role plays gives immediate results " J.B. Sangnier – HR BOLLORE

"Your course allowed me to express my emotions freely. Just like you said, a sales meeting and negotiations take place on a stage upon which we must perform our own play." Y.L.B., Chairman of SAMIOUEST

"The presentation I gave in front of 350 people went really well, especially in terms of handling my stress. I got my message across perfectly. I feel reassured now that I have the know-how." C.R., Manager

"Your course relaxed me and gave me confidence. Also, thanks to the vocal management techniques you gave me, I still had my voice at the end of the day!" M.C., VEOLIA

"I passed a very difficult government employee's oral exam with flying colors!" Patrick Vallée, Information Systems Director (regional council)

"Your course gave me self-confidence. I "performed [my role]" easily; in fact, I was my role, completely in character!" C.D., Micro-nutrition trainer

"I have a steady voice now; this alone gives me a lot of self-confidence." N.A., Product manager

"I'm much more relaxed about speaking in public, which makes me all the more efficient." C.C., Trial lawyer

"I even surprised myself at how confidently, fearlessly and unhesitatingly I spoke!" S.G., Parliamentary attaché

"To sum up the training: yesterday, I went up for the post of general secretary and it was nothing short of PERFECT!" J.L.H.

"I got nothing but compliments: my speech stood out from all the others!" D.L., Manager

"[Now I can] define the right actions with the right words, lay out my objectives with precision… I've improved my way of managing, delegating and motivating others within the team." P.B., Project Manager

"What I got most out of it was the fact that I lessened the stress and self-criticism that I used to be constantly engaged in. As a result, I'm much more relaxed and able to get my messages across calmly." A. Leloup, city council member

"I understood how powerful words can be and how the way in which we say them determines their impact." M.G., Research specialist

"The message went over so well that my proposal was voted in unanimously!" P.G., Manager

"What I say carries much more whack now." P.L., Trial Lawyer

"While I was on the course, I called a supplier and got everything I wanted… and more!" E.T. , Credit Manager, SIGMA-ALDRICH

"This course gave us practical help with a known situation – a far cry from previous courses which were way too theoretical." J.B., SADE

"This original teaching method gave us intensive data and practical application in a very short space of time." J. Nisse, BETEN Ingénierie (engineering corporation)

"A very enriching training course, on both a personal and professional level. The trainer's artistic background is quite impressive!... My family found me "changed and enthusiastic." S. Tilly, Information Systems Manager, city council

"I'm very happy with this course. It made me more relaxed in meetings and has made my presentations much more effective. I obtained these results which demonstrated the efficiency of the method throughout the training." D. Pasquet, FRANCE TELECOM

"I came out of this highly constructive course ready, once again, to take on the big theater of life as both citizen and politician." J.P.R., Mayor