• Book signing at FNAC

    Let's meet at FNAC for the signing of my book
    "Bye bye stage Fright".

    Bye bye stage Fright
    Prise de parole en public
  • What is Acting Method International®?

    A highly successful, groundbreaking method created by a professional actress who is also a certified Expert in public speaking and manager coaching. The combined result gives you all the charisma and confidence of a stage actor.

    It delivers unique, customized training programs, to cater to your individual needs.

    Acting Method International
  • Acting Secrets for Managers, for Success in Public Speaking

    ACTING METHOD INTERNATIONAL® was formed in 1992. It is a training organization specializing in Public Speaking, Sales, Negotiation and Management, in English and French.

    The basic purpose of Acting Method is to give you, the manager, the secrets used by great actors to succeed as a public speaker.

    Acting secrets
  • How to create your own success

    Awaken and release the actor inside of you, to present your projects to customers, colleagues and employees, and get your message across with conviction and panache.

    Soyez l'acteur de votre succès
  • Bye-Bye Stage Fright!

    Did you know that fear of public speaking is second only to the fear of dying and the fear of snakes?!

    Learn an actress' secrets on how to get stage fright under control!

    Trac victime
    Trac victime

They all came with preconceived ideas
but walked away with mine.
Vincent BULOT - ARC International

Get people on board with your public speaking skills.

Stage pris de parole en public
Public speaking
training program

Overcome stage fright and get the know how to speak confidently and comfortably in public
In english or in french

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Master the art of Storytelling
Master the art
of Storytelling

Learn the secrets of a memorable presentation. Create attraction

In english or in french

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Stage de Negociation
training program

Develop a winning strategy and the mindset needed to dominate in negotiations
In english or in french

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Stage de Vente
The art
of selling

Learn how to find out the exact problem you will solve for your client, build up his trust and close the deal
In english or in french

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Since 30 years Acting Method International® has helped tens of thousands of executives, employees and individuals with professional training and coaching to own the stage with brilliant success in public speaking. Sell with conviction and become an expert in closing. Negotiate with ease and Manage with great Leadership!