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Actors' secrets at managers' fingertips, revealed by a professional actress at the top of her game.

« Charisma, magnetism and the gift of persuasion are qualities that some people are naturally born with. But it is possible to obtain or develop such powers in order to turn any kind of situation to one's advantage particularly in public speaking. Based on over 25 years of experience on stage and in front of the camera, from both an actor's and director's point of view, Carmela created Acting Method International to help and give managers like yourself the secrets of all great actors. More presence and confidence, and less stress, to help you leave a dazzlingly convincing impression in those make-break moments in life. ».

Tens of thousands of executives, employees and individuals have been successfully trained on our copyrighted method: "Acting Skills for Managers."
A powerful work method including practical exercises and filmed role-playing to enable you to develop in-depth skills fast.
Customized training programs and coaching to cater to your own specific needs.